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August/September Sewing

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July was supposed to be for sewing hard things.  I got through only 2 outfits from that planned list, and even then, I didn't finish until sometime in August.  From an old Vogue Pattern, I made a dress and jacket out of the Retro Vibe collection from Hoffman.  It was difficult, but it turned out quite nice.  As with most Vogue Patterns, it was super confusing in some parts.



"Wichita Skyline"

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So we got back from Wichita over a week ago, and I was pretty motivated to get to work on the quilt right away, but I was not feeling well FOR SO LONG after we got back.  Yuck.  The quilt is due to the fair next week, and I am not even halfway through the quilting.  The quilt top is all applique.  Originally, I was going to piece it all.  I'm very happy that I changed my mind.  I think the truck is the most important thing, and I am super happy with how it came out.  That was not going to happen if I pieced it.


This Year's Fair Quilt

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Perusing old blog posts, I found that the quilt I am making for the Fair this year started percolating in my brain during the summer of 2014.  Wow.  I suck.


The Mahina Cardigan Test!

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Soooo................I got to test the Mahina Cardigan Pattern by Scroop Patterns.  Yay!  

Since I was a tester, I made the trial version which is a little different than the final version. 


When I found out about being a tester, I spent at least an hour pouring over fabrics at Colorado Fabrics.  I settled on two poly textured knits.  I wanted to be able to try it out on something not terribly expensive in case I screwed it up.  When I was done with testing the pattern, I had 3 cardigans.  I SO want another.  


Hepburn Pants

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April's Pattern for Sew My Style 2019 is the Hepburn Pants from Wardrobe by Me.  The pattern calls for fabric with some stretch which I wasn't very excited about.  I don't want pants that stretch; I prefer cotton that relaxes over time.  So, off I went to Colorado Fabrics to figure out what I was going to use.  I settled on a recycled polyester bottom weight.  I justified buying polyester by reminding myself that it was recylced.  


Ann Normandy Pant AGAIN

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Jenny Overalls

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I finished up some Jenny Overalls today. I cut a size 8, and I think I could size down and be fine, but I wanted to be sure I had room to wear a t-shirt underneath.  They are super comfortable.   I plan to make the trousers too.  I am going to have to size down for them.



Generally speaking, I have trouble with waistbands.  All types - all the time.  Ugh.  This waistband worked out great (the zippers are kinda wonky though).  I made the 2 zipper version because I think it looks cool, and I was too lazy to do a test fit.


Givre Shirt

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Here is my version #1 of the Givre Shirt by Deer and Doe.  I cut this as a size 36 even though I measure a 34.  It is made from scraps.  Who knows what type of material.  It feels very much like the top is plastic and the bottom is some sort of blend.  


This is version #2.  I cut it the same size.  This is a heavier weight, and I know it is cotton/lycra.  Both of these are pretty darn tight.  I normally don't wear a lot of tight clothes.




Sew My Style 2019 is ON

I will be sewing the Givre T-shirt this month.  My machine's in the shop, but my serger is ready to go!


Hopefully, I'll get some photos uploaded tomorrow.


Sew My Style 2019


For the holidays, we got a family Spotify account, so I have been reliving my youth.


Mostly, I've been listening to the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.  WooHoo.

Vogue 8561 - Marcy Tilton

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When we talk about making our stash, we usually mean using our fabric stash.  BUT, I have a stash of patterns too.  Many, many patterns that have never been cut.  I go through my patterns ever few months to see what's there and what I want to make.  I pulled out Vogue 8561 - Marcy Tilton awhile back.  I originally bought the pattern for the skirt, but I decided to make the pants first (by the way, the copyright says 2009).