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Drag The River Quilt after the Fair

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The Fair is over and the quilt is sitting in the house ready to be delivered to Jon Snodgrass.  


At the Fair, I was excited to take a photo as taking photographs of quilts is a pain.  BUT, they didn't hang it.  It was folded over a bar.  Nobody that looked at it would have seen the whole story.  I was kinda frustrated.  We took a picture as we took it down though, so it worked out I suppose.



"Wichita Skyline"

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So we got back from Wichita over a week ago, and I was pretty motivated to get to work on the quilt right away, but I was not feeling well FOR SO LONG after we got back.  Yuck.  The quilt is due to the fair next week, and I am not even halfway through the quilting.  The quilt top is all applique.  Originally, I was going to piece it all.  I'm very happy that I changed my mind.  I think the truck is the most important thing, and I am super happy with how it came out.  That was not going to happen if I pieced it.


This Year's Fair Quilt

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Perusing old blog posts, I found that the quilt I am making for the Fair this year started percolating in my brain during the summer of 2014.  Wow.  I suck.


Planning, Taping, Planning

I think I have selective hearing much more often than I'd like to admit.  This new quilt, which should have been Summer Quilt #4, is based on the song "Dragging My Feet" by Digger.  

Draggin' and Scrambled

   I got behind on everything.  On top of that, I can feel my soul being sucked away each day I don't get to use my sewing machine.  

"Under The Sun" Done

I finally finished the "Under The Sun" quilt.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but the quilting came out really nice.  

It was really hard to photograph.  I need to start taking my quilts outside I think.

"Broken Pieces" quilt top is complete!

The top of the “Broken Pieces” quilt is complete.  I hung it up on the wall where the paper version used to be to take the photo.  It’s pretty cool.  When I was just about finished, I realized I didn’t have any backing fabric.  Crud!  I ordered some at the end of last week and put the quilt top aside.  I hope to begin quilting it by the end of this week.

Nearing the end of the quilt top

I am nearing the end of sewing the quilt top for the “Broken Pieces” quilt.  The picture shows the paper still on  my wall.  Each time I sew, I begin by pulling down the paper squares I will be working on for the day.  What's left on the wall is what's left to sew.

Sewing With Music in Mind - The Beginning of the "Broken Pieces" Quilt

This is my “Broken Pieces” quilt.  It is the first quilt I designed.  The paper pieces are hanging on the wall of my bedroom.  If I did it correctly, the paper version is the size of the finished fabric version.  I find myself excited and scared to start sewing.  Yesterday, I cut out all of the fabric squares.  They are now stacked in my living room waiting for me to begin.  One difference between paper quilt and fabric quilt is the color.  It’s not going to be black and white.