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Seamwork Emma Sewalong Last Day

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Done Day!

Hey everyone, how are you coming along? I finished this morning. I hand sewed the lining in, hemmed, and I put the eyelets on. I LOVE it!!! Here’s what I really love - when I offered to group sew this dress I hadn’t even looked at the pattern. Once I looked at the pattern, I though “meh”. Holy Crap was I wrong. This dress is amazing! I ended up using all thrifted fabric, and when I tried to get a picture of the flaw in the brown fabric, You can’t even see it. lol.

Seamwork Emma Sewalong Day 4

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Skirt and more

So the skirt went together just fine. I ran into trouble attaching the skirt to the bodice, and I didn’t line up my seams correctly, so double check that before you sew. I pulled the seam out and did it again. One side is off, but not enough to make me do it again.

I found it tricky to not get any puckers here on the front and the back.


Seamwork Emma Sewalong Day 3!

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Emma Group Sew - Burrito

This morning I tackled the sleeves. My best advice it to watch the burrito video. I have sewn many burritos, and I always watch the video. Here’s mine pinned/clipped.

I had a problem here as my fabric is too think (cotton and linen). So I couldn’t actually pull it through. I tried for a long time, and I finally gave up. I popped a bunch of the seam so there was enough room for it to turn right side out. Since I did that, I had to top stitch to close the armhole.

Seamwork Emma Sewalong 2

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Hey Everyone!  Welcome to Day 2 of the sewalong.


Eyelet Panels through Neckline

Grab your Eyelet Panel and sew the top closed right side to right side.  Then clip the corners and turn it right side out.


I like to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be, and I am doing things correctly.  I used chalk to mark my D piece in case I got confused.

Then it is time to put the Eyelet on to Piece D.  This is my outside piece.

Seamwork Emma Sewalong 1

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A few weeks ago, I did a group sew over on the Seamwork Community.  I figured it would be good to put here too.  I intially did not want to make Emma.  Someone posted that they wanted a sewalong, and I volunteered to do a group sew.  I hadn't even looked at the pattern before I volunteered.  Yikes.  Then I though Oh Well - Let's Go.  Just so you  know, it turned out beautifully.  I love it.


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