Seamwork Emma Sewalong Day 4

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Skirt and more

So the skirt went together just fine. I ran into trouble attaching the skirt to the bodice, and I didn’t line up my seams correctly, so double check that before you sew. I pulled the seam out and did it again. One side is off, but not enough to make me do it again.

I found it tricky to not get any puckers here on the front and the back.


I really struggled with attaching the back to the bodice. I looked at the pattern images, and I looked at the Instagram tag to #seamworkemma, and then I tried to get it right. I am still not confident. I read and re-read not only these instructions but also the ones for attaching the eyelet panel. I’m not sure where I went wrong. Here is the wrong way (at least I decided that it was wrong):

My lining it in the way. I pulled some stitches to get it out of the way and then I basted it first in case I felt like I was wrong again.

I also struggled with butting the eyelet panels up against each other. I got it done, but I still feel iffy about it. Next up is the invisible zipper, and the two of us have never gotten along, so I may save it for tomorrow.


I wasted 2 days thinking about how much I didn’t want to install the invisible zipper. Today, I did it. Here is the photo after it’s done. The other side is basted as I wanted to make sure it fit. I will sew together properly now as I think it fits quite well. After this is the hem and sewing the lining.


I found these steps confusing. It told me to pull the lining away then to sew the lining then to hand stitch the lining. I decided to NOT sew the lining into the zipper. I will hand stich this in. I DID sew the lining together on the other side seam. What did you all make of these instructions?




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