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Open Mic Story Night Prologue

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Open Mic Story Night


        April wandered in to G’s one summer Sunday night and declared it open mic night.

      “No one here can fucking sing you crazy bitch,” Oscar yelled out.

A Super Short April Story

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I know it's not Friday.  I haven't been writing much, but I have been sewing a ton (and watching Robin Hood).  Since I have dropped off with writing, I feel like I am losing April.  So I am posting this super short story that I found awhile back.  I wrote it in April's voice.  You can click on April to read the only other April story I have posted.  There are lots more written.  I suck at editing and posting.  I know.


April's Assignment

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               This is the first installment of Free Fiction Friday.  These stories will be connected.  This one is sort of out of order if there is any kind of order.  In the coming weeks, I will continue to post, and the frame will become clearer.  Until then, enjoy this one. 


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