Long John Jammers For Everyone!

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Sew My Style has been a goldmine this year!  

At the beginning of October, I thought I'd make my family all matching Long John Jammers!  Silly me.  We all wanted something different.  



Long John Jammers is a pattern by Rad Patterns, and they are pretty rad and crazy easy to sew up.  Prepping the pattern took me some time though as we are all pretty short in my house.  I traced almost every size of the women's pattern onto Swedish Tracing Paper.  I ended up making a total of 7 pairs of LJJs. 


September/October Updates Plus Some Organization Ideas

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When it starts to get dark early, I do much less sewing.  This is bad every year, and every year I say I'm going to force myself through this weirdness.  It never works.  Most week nights I'm too tired to sew.  I blame the darkness, but I think it's more about back to school than the dark. 


I accomplished quite a few things this month, but it doesn't feel that way.  


Lulu Cardigan

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August Sew My Style !

(New Sewing Playlist at the bottom of this post!)

I chose to make the Lulu Cardigan.  


Lulu was crazy easy.  I really enjoyed making her.  I chose to use scraps from a pattern test I did awhile ago.  The main fabric is a polyester, fuzzy, soft sweater knit.  The cuffs and collar are a really weird, sort of ribbed knit.  I had zero issues with the printing or with the instructions.



Upcycled Kingston Jackets

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Last month, I decided to scrap my sewing plans and go for what my children wanted.  My youngest asked for a jacket she could put patches on.  We found the Kingston Jacket by Rebecca Page Patterns.  The girls wanted the add-on, so they could have fleece sleeves and a hood.  Next up, they went through ONE of the MANY boxes of old jeans I have saved and never used.  Ugh.  The girls picked and embroidery design for the back panel, and I got started.



Waffle Pants!

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Today, I finished my Sweet Potato Azuki Pants! They took forever...

I went all out.  I put in the zipper pocket, the flap pocket, the tool pocket, and the holster pocket.  It was alot.  I did make a muslin first.  I decided to make a size 40.  They are a bit too big, so next up I will be making a belt.  They are loose enough to be comfortable all the way around.  I used denim for the main fabric and a light canvas for the accents.  I wish I would have done some more embroidery work on them.


T-Shirt Week

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This week has been full of t-shirts.  The Sew My Style pattern for May was the Rio Ringer T-Shirt.  I made two of them.  This first one is awful.  The second one is awesome. 

One more Redwood Vest

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I made one more Redwood Vest, and I changed up the pockets. 


I grabbed the pocket pieces from my Bella Dress pattern.  I embroidered them and stuck them on the outside of the front pieces of the vest.  I REALLY like the pockets this way.  The dragons are from Urban Threads.



The other change I made was to use fold over elastic for ALL of the binding even when the pattern says not to do it :)  I like the bindings either way.  I think the FOE was a little more difficult, but not too big of a deal.



Let's Finish Up Our Redwood Vests!

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Welcome back everyone!  Let's finish up today.

Cut your arm hole binding according to the chart on the pattern.


Sew the short ends together.



Fold in half wrong sides together.  Zig Zag the raw edges together.


Redwood Sew-a-Long Day 4!


Redwood Vest Sew-Long Day 4 - Zipper Shield and Front Zipper


When I last left you, we finished putting the collar and collar binding on.  Today we are going to install the front zipper. This is the part I always get nervous about.  However, on each of the vests I’ve made it has turned out fine.  I think I hear the word zipper and get nervous.


Take note: During this part of the pattern.  The seam allowance changes.


Redwood Sew-a-Long Day 3!

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Color Blocked Yoke


First off, I cut my lining quite a bit larger than the pattern piece.  This is because the first time I made this vest, my lining didn’t match up due to stretch and wonkiness.


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