I Have 3 Fat Quarters

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I Have 3 Fat Quarters


This one took me awhile.  I thought about it ALOT, and I think I did something good.  I made a Tool Belt by half-ass following this tutorial by Littlestuff.  


I could have easiy made this out of 2 fat quarters, but that wasn't what I was working on.  I used 3 canvas FQs.  This is simply 2 pouches that get threaded on to a regular belt.  I tried to cut it the same as the tutorial, but I didn't really like that, so I changed up the folding to make it a bit shorter.  OR my math was off.  Meh.  Either way, it ended up being pretty great.  I used 1 FQ for the main part, 1 FQ for the pockets, and 1 FQ for the bias tape.  I switched it up so all three fabrics appear in each pouch.  


I was trying to think of what sort of pockets would be most helpful for me.  The tutorial is for a gardening belt, but gardening happens outside, so clearly I needed to change it up to be a sewing belt.  Inside fun!  I made each side different.  I decided the most important thing to me was a pocket for rivets.  Rivets are SO stinkin' small!  I feel like I always drop them between where I keep them and the rivet press.


I made this pocket shallow.  I hope that was the right choice.  You can also see my scissors hanging in this photo.  Problem, I need to keep their sheath on them as they keep poking me in the leg!



Yes, it is funny that I am wearing cargo shorts AND have a tool belt on.  This side also has my pencil pocket with my Crimson Tate carpenter's pencil in it!  

The other side I kept more general.  In fact, I didn't know what I would put where until AFTER it was hanging on my body.  I made a ton of mistakes as I worked through this.  I just wasn't thinking.  This is not something I will wear in public, so I am not worried about the weirdness.  I made my own bias tape which I am not a fan of.  I think that stupid tape took me as long as the pouches.  I know some people LOVE bias tape, but......



There is a lot to like about this project.  As I was planning this out, I was thinking about how I would never use this.  Honestly, I was thinking this until I put it on.  I love it.  I am wrong so often about projects.  I look at something and think 'that's not me'.  I make that thing, and it becomes my favorite thing.  This happens OFTEN.  Anyway, I like that I can just put one on.  I like that it just fits on any old belt.  I also really like how floppy it is.  It's comfortable.  


This was a win.  


Next up 4 Fat Quarters.


What am I reading?

Bold Mercy by Laken Cane - So much fun.  Escapism BIG time

A Separate Peace by John Knowles - because I have to (listening to this one)


As for music, the August playlist is nearly ready.  I gotta double check some stuff.  I went down a rabbit hole.  You can find it here.

Here's some Pennywise.  "Land of The Free?"



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