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I Have 4 Fat Quarters

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I Have 4 Fat Quarters

and I made a lunch bag



I used the tutorial from Pink Penguin.  You can find it here.  There are some things I wish I would have done different.  I used Decovil Light on the outer.  I should have used SF 101 and Insul-fleece.  I did sew some Insul-fleece into the bottom, but...



I also made some poor design choices, but meh, I used 4 of my fat quarters.  I made this in a day.  I could have been faster, but I have a cold and I am way slowed down.



I Have 3 Fat Quarters

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I Have 3 Fat Quarters


This one took me awhile.  I thought about it ALOT, and I think I did something good.  I made a Tool Belt by half-ass following this tutorial by Littlestuff.  


I Have 2 Fat Quarters

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I got behind this week.  I made 2 projects, each with 2 fat quarters this week.  One was an epic fail, so let's start with the good one.


I made 4 finger hot pads.  I feel like I am always burning my fingers on hot pots.  These should help out a lot.  Super Useful!



I used this tutorial from Crafty Asian Girl.  I followed it - no modifications.  It was simple and satisfying.  However, the bias tape and I had some words.  I want to make this again, but this time without the bias tape.  


I Have Problems with Purchasing Fabric

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This is a photo of our chicken Fat Quarter.  She's kicking off the "I Have" series.



I have problems.

I have too much fabric.

I especially have too many fat quarters (they are actually scattered all over the house).

 I often have little control when it comes to purchasing fabric.

I have to make a change.

Today begins the I Have series.


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