I Have 2 Fat Quarters

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I got behind this week.  I made 2 projects, each with 2 fat quarters this week.  One was an epic fail, so let's start with the good one.


I made 4 finger hot pads.  I feel like I am always burning my fingers on hot pots.  These should help out a lot.  Super Useful!



I used this tutorial from Crafty Asian Girl.  I followed it - no modifications.  It was simple and satisfying.  However, the bias tape and I had some words.  I want to make this again, but this time without the bias tape.  



I did not need 2 full fat quarters.  These easily can be made from scraps.  I decided to make 4, so that I wouldn't have as many scraps. I found some bias tape in my drawer that didn't match; I found scraps of batting in the basement, and I found way too much insul-bright downstairs too.  This one requires much more than just fat quarters, but really everything was scraps. I ended up using a 90 needle as the quilt sandwich was so thick.  Quality tutorial.


Scraps: Yes

Tears - No

Blood - No

Confusion - No



Earlier in the week I set out to make a Book Bag for my daughter, and I was planning on making one for myself.  I only made one.  I took very few pictures.



I put in a ribbon book mark,  I used sparkly webbing for the handles, and she wanted the beehive button for the closure.  Yes, I used 2 fat quarters.  Now, I found a tutorial online.  It was the worst tutorial I have ever used BY FAR.  It took me 3 hours to get to the giving up point (and no pieces put together).  I started again the next morning and completed it my way.  I will not link the tutorial here because it was so bad.  I'm thinking of writing my own tutorial.  Anyone interested?  Epic Fail.


Scraps: Yes

Tears: I was laughing at the ridiculousness of the tutorial, so I didn't actually cry

Blood: No

Confusion: 10 (on a scale of 1-10)


Next time will be - I Have 3 Fat Quarters


I went back to listen to the July 2021 Sewing Playlist, but Body Count is in my head, and I just stumbled across this video.




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