I Have 4 Fat Quarters

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I Have 4 Fat Quarters

and I made a lunch bag



I used the tutorial from Pink Penguin.  You can find it here.  There are some things I wish I would have done different.  I used Decovil Light on the outer.  I should have used SF 101 and Insul-fleece.  I did sew some Insul-fleece into the bottom, but...



I also made some poor design choices, but meh, I used 4 of my fat quarters.  I made this in a day.  I could have been faster, but I have a cold and I am way slowed down.



Scraps - Yes

Tears - No

Blood - No

Confusion - 3


Overall this was a win.  Easy pattern and VERY useful.  I expect daily use.




What am I reading?

All that matters is that I am reading Ruby Fever by Ilona Andrews.


The new September playlist is not done.  Ugh.  Hopefully soon.  Here's the link for when it is actually done.  I did go back and listen to September 2020, and that one was AWESOME.


Today let's have some Dominic Fike.



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