Anti - Doom Scrolling Part 1

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I am a Doom Scroller at the worst of times.  Before bed, while not wanting to do something else, when I am already mad!  I hate it, and I know I'm doing it.  So here is my fix.  I'm going to put a few sewing articles on this page.  If you are tempted to Doom Scroll, stop here and read some articles about sewing, making, or music.  I will try to keep them as current as I can.  This is not about tutorials - this is just articles.


This one is from the Guardian in 2019, but I think it continues to be interesting and important. The Calming Effetcs of Sewing...

Here's one on sustainable fabrics 

Prange Apparel changing the fashion industry.

Sewing for Afgan refugees in Canada.

Historical Clothing anyone?

Should we sew our stash?

How about some spring cleaning in the fall?



Oh yes, Blondie is going strong.  Check out the article from NPR.

How about an interview with Frank Turner.



A Review of The Sewing Girl's Tale


I think that's it for this week.  Please stop Doom Scrolling.


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