Seamwork Emma Sewalong 2

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Hey Everyone!  Welcome to Day 2 of the sewalong.


Eyelet Panels through Neckline

Grab your Eyelet Panel and sew the top closed right side to right side.  Then clip the corners and turn it right side out.


I like to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be, and I am doing things correctly.  I used chalk to mark my D piece in case I got confused.

Then it is time to put the Eyelet on to Piece D.  This is my outside piece.

The Eyelet piece goes ⅝” from the top and lines up at the bottom.  Baste.  You will be sewing this in place in the next couple steps.


Next is the Guard.  Sew right side to right side on top and bottom.  Trim, flip, press.  It will get sewn ON TOP of the Eyelet Panel.  Center it on D.  Sew it in place.  The Eyelet Panel gets sandwiched in between D and the Guard.

Next up is Shoulder Seams.  Double check that you’ve got the correct placement before sewing.  I usually pin in place, and then flip it to the right side to make sure.


Then Zig Zag the lining bottom edge.  You have 3 separate bottom edges at this point (but they all connect at the top).


Now you have to line up the neckline right side to right side.  I always find this part tricky - the pinning and the sewing.

Notice it comes all the way to the back bottom edge.  Start sewing at one bottom edge and end at the other.  Go slow around the corners, so you can keep your ⅝” SA.


Then flip, press, and understitch.

You can’t understitch the whole way.  Clip the corners.  Then flip everything wrong side to wrong side and press.  Now, it looks more like a thing!


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