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Redwood Sew-a-Long - Hand Pockets!


Day 2 Redwood Vest Sew-a-long 


Today we’re going to work through the hand pockets.


Since I last checked in, you found your size, decided on which version to make (color blocked or no), and decided on which pockets you want to add.  Now cut your pieces.  I elected not to cut my bindings yet.  I will cut the bindings as I need them.



Redwood Sew-a-Long Let's Gather Our Supplies

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Hey everyone, I'm Sarah.  Let's Begin!


Don't have your pattern yet?  Check your newsletter from Sew My Style for the discount code for the Redwood Vest from 5 Out of 4 Patterns.


Bella by Tessuti Fabrics and More

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Here is my un-ironed Bella Dress by Tessuti.  I really like the Tessuti patterns because they are very simple to sew.



The pattern itself is very straight forward.  I encountered no confusion or hang-ups at all.  This is a beginner friendly pattern.  When it came time for the neck binding, there is a link in the pattern to take the user to a blog post/tutorial for how to add the binding to the garment and join the ends.  It is a very clear and useful tutorial.



Newcastle Cardigan

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February came and went and kicked my ass in the process.  I feel like I barely sat at the sewing machine last month.  I'm sure that's not true, but that is how it felt.


The Newcastle Cardigan was the pattern I wanted to make during February.  I finished yesterday.



Ilford Jacket

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This wonderful recycled hemp canvas fabric has been in my stash awhile.  As soon as I saw the Ilford, I knew it was what I was using.  Unfortunatly, this pesky MOTH got embroidered on the left front upside down.  UGH, mistake #1.  There wasn't enough fabric left, so I ordered more.  It's a little different - different weave - different color.  Here's the moth right side up on the new batch of canvas.  Thank you Hemp Traders!  



Sew My Style 2020 and My Year of Embellishments

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Here we are again at the beginning of a new year of Sew My Style.  I decided to make the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen this month.  I wanted to make the longer view, but I am challenging myself to use my stash for Sew My Style this year.  That's not going to work for all the patterns throughout the year, but if I can, I want to use what I already own.  I chose a cool linen print for my Tania, but there was not enough fabric to make the longer version, so shorts it is!  


Kwik Sew 3796

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Kwik Sew 3796


I bought some Home Decor Fabric at Colorado Fabrics way before we knew it was going to close.  I had nothing in mind to make with it, so I just bought a couple yards, washed it and put it on the shelf.  Usually that type of buying results in the fabric sitting around for a few years.  Not this time!  I barely squeezed this pattern out of the fabric I had, and thank goodness since there's no place to go to get more.



Six Pack

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Pattern Review

The Backyard Caddy by Sallie Tomato Patterns has been on my to-make list for quite awhile.  I downloaded and printed it with no problem.  I used quilting cotton by Dear Stella for the outside and the lining.  I used cork for the contrast from Emmaline Bags.  



The directions were clear.   The pattern begins with the handle.  Looking back, I think I could have re-enforced the handle more.  My husband immediatly put in LARGE bottles, and I worry about how much weight is being carried. 


Dizzy Daisy Quilt

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The quilt for my youngest daughter is finished.  It took me YEARS.  Mostly because I only worked on it sporadically.  I put it on her bed a few minutes ago and took some photos.  This means I only have TWO quilts left unfinished in the house!  One of them just needs quilted.  The other needs a border before I quilt it.  





October with Jack

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My goal for October was to make the Jack Quilt by Laura Heine.  I succeeded only beacuse I had a couple of snow days in October.  After creating the Featherweight Quilt , I thought this one would be fairly easy.  It was actually pretty challenging for me.  I expected to put in a lot of time, but I wasn't quite prepared for it being as complicated as I felt it was.  The crows went together fine, but I really struggled with the corn stalks.  At the end of the project, IT WAS WORTH IT!  


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