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I Have Problems with Purchasing Fabric

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This is a photo of our chicken Fat Quarter.  She's kicking off the "I Have" series.



I have problems.

I have too much fabric.

I especially have too many fat quarters (they are actually scattered all over the house).

 I often have little control when it comes to purchasing fabric.

I have to make a change.

Today begins the I Have series.


Pride Bag Tute

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A friend of mine is moving out of state.  As usual, when I get emotional, I sew.  I made him a bag.



Madison Clutch Sewalong - Day 4 - DONE!

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Woohooooooo!!!!! We are almost done.


First up, let's baste our tab in.  Did I tell you?  The tab being out of cork was a HUGE mistake.  What a Pain.  It was so thick and miserable.  


Madison Clutch Sewalong - Day 3

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This one took me so long because my machine was in the shop, and I REALLY wanted my zipper foot.  All good now!  We should be starting today with Step 8.  We want to sew our accent to our main fabric.  I decided to add some piping (not a good idea).  It's pretty, but I kinda wish I would have added something flat like lace.  You'll see why in a few steps.



Madison Clutch Sewalong - Day 2

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Hopefully you all had time to get your supplies in order.  We are going to start prepping our pieces and sewing today.

Madison Clutch Sewalong - Day 1

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Day 1 - Gather Your Supplies


Woohoo!  Today we are starting the Madison Clutch Sewalong.  Grab your pattern or get it here from Pink Door Fabrics.



The supply list is on the back of the pattern. 

First: grab a pencil.  I write on all of my patterns as I prep and work.  This one is no different.  I have underlined the things I think I might forget AND starred the things I know I'll forget. 


Pattern Tests!

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I have been testing patterns these last few weeks, so here we go!


First up - Studio Shirt by Workhorse Patterns.  I made 2 of these.  This first one is 100% hemp (from Hemp Traders).  It was easy to work with and kinda stretchy which was actually nice.  It was white when I got it, so I stuffed it in a coffee bath hoping to make it darker.  It turned ivory.  It's pretty but not brown.  I wanted brown.  


Back to School and a Challenge

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So I've got a plan.  A good plan?  I don't know.  I go back to work (school) in a couple days, so I've been cooking up an idea.


Workhorse Pattern Test


I got to test the Hazel Pattern for Workhorse Patterns!  It's so awesome.

Summer 2021 Sewing

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Hey everyone!  I've been missing for awhile.  Well, I knew where I was, but...


I got some things in the works right now that have been occupying my time lately.  Hopefully, by this time next month I can share.

What have I been making?

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