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October with Jack

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My goal for October was to make the Jack Quilt by Laura Heine.  I succeeded only beacuse I had a couple of snow days in October.  After creating the Featherweight Quilt , I thought this one would be fairly easy.  It was actually pretty challenging for me.  I expected to put in a lot of time, but I wasn't quite prepared for it being as complicated as I felt it was.  The crows went together fine, but I really struggled with the corn stalks.  At the end of the project, IT WAS WORTH IT!  


August/September Sewing

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July was supposed to be for sewing hard things.  I got through only 2 outfits from that planned list, and even then, I didn't finish until sometime in August.  From an old Vogue Pattern, I made a dress and jacket out of the Retro Vibe collection from Hoffman.  It was difficult, but it turned out quite nice.  As with most Vogue Patterns, it was super confusing in some parts.



Gates Progress

I have been sewing a lot, but I have not been writing at all.  Gates is a little more complicated than I expected.  Here's some of what I did today:


I put the windows on 5 of the 10 building squares.


"I Want My Hat Back..."

I used a lot of techniques in this quilt.



A Border and Soles


Yesterday I put the first border on.  I realized that I needed some sort of break from all of the color, so I sewed a 1.5" black border all the way around the quilt top.


It seems like I have done little over break.  When you look at the pictures below, all of the seams I pulled out are not obvious.  I sewed the jeans down (partially) 3 times.  I basted the flyers on then sewed them on for real.  The soles, I finished today.  Before I can put the soles on, I need to be sure the jeans are where I want them to be because once the soles go down, I do not want to pull them off.

Break Time!

The craft fair worked out pretty well.  I sold quite a few Holiday Cards and a couple of record cards.  I even sold a shirt!



Digger Progress!

I spent some time on the flyer portion of the quilt.  This is the part that represents the wall.  Look at the photo below.  The flyers go where the ugly tannish color is.


Fabric is Here!

My Spoonflower fabric has ARRIVED!  I am very happy to say that it looks awesome.  I can now begin the production of the Digger quilt.