July 2019

Drag The River Quilt after the Fair

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The Fair is over and the quilt is sitting in the house ready to be delivered to Jon Snodgrass.  


At the Fair, I was excited to take a photo as taking photographs of quilts is a pain.  BUT, they didn't hang it.  It was folded over a bar.  Nobody that looked at it would have seen the whole story.  I was kinda frustrated.  We took a picture as we took it down though, so it worked out I suppose.



"Wichita Skyline"

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So we got back from Wichita over a week ago, and I was pretty motivated to get to work on the quilt right away, but I was not feeling well FOR SO LONG after we got back.  Yuck.  The quilt is due to the fair next week, and I am not even halfway through the quilting.  The quilt top is all applique.  Originally, I was going to piece it all.  I'm very happy that I changed my mind.  I think the truck is the most important thing, and I am super happy with how it came out.  That was not going to happen if I pieced it.