January 2020

Sew My Style 2020 and My Year of Embellishments

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Here we are again at the beginning of a new year of Sew My Style.  I decided to make the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen this month.  I wanted to make the longer view, but I am challenging myself to use my stash for Sew My Style this year.  That's not going to work for all the patterns throughout the year, but if I can, I want to use what I already own.  I chose a cool linen print for my Tania, but there was not enough fabric to make the longer version, so shorts it is!  


Kwik Sew 3796

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Kwik Sew 3796


I bought some Home Decor Fabric at Colorado Fabrics way before we knew it was going to close.  I had nothing in mind to make with it, so I just bought a couple yards, washed it and put it on the shelf.  Usually that type of buying results in the fabric sitting around for a few years.  Not this time!  I barely squeezed this pattern out of the fabric I had, and thank goodness since there's no place to go to get more.