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Pattern Review

The Backyard Caddy by Sallie Tomato Patterns has been on my to-make list for quite awhile.  I downloaded and printed it with no problem.  I used quilting cotton by Dear Stella for the outside and the lining.  I used cork for the contrast from Emmaline Bags.  



The directions were clear.   The pattern begins with the handle.  Looking back, I think I could have re-enforced the handle more.  My husband immediatly put in LARGE bottles, and I worry about how much weight is being carried. 


I did use fusible Peltex, and I would have been better off with non-fusible Peltex.  The dividers (that go between the bottles) went together easily.  I had to trim the Peltex a bit to get it to fit into the dividers.  This is the step where you NEED double sided basting tape.  I suppose you could use some Fabri-tac, but I think the tape is best. 


The outer and the lining came together fairly easily.  I did put purse feet on the bottom.  Honestly, I figure we will end up setting this thing down in sprinkler run-off at some point.


My biggest struggle with this pattern was the binding.  Obviously the Caddy is a rectagle, and it is full of Peltex.  I could not get it in my machine to make a clean stitch aorund the binding.  I couldn't smash it down like I do with purses and bags.  I tried to sort of fold it and make it more flat, but it didn't really work well.  I can't say that I have much patience with binding as it is, so I'm sure that contributed to the way things went for me.



I was making this as a gift, and I did not have time to make a huge mistake and start over again, so I didn't add rivets.  I continue to learn how to set rivets correctly.  They make me nervous.  Next time, though, I'll add them because I really think they look cool.


Helpful hint:  The fabric that goes on the Center Divider should be a non-directional fabric.  My deer are upside down on one side of the Caddy.





If I would have sat down and put in one chunk of time, I suppose this would have gone fairly quickly, but I didn't.  I worked in bits and pieces of time over the span of a few weeks.  Overall, this is a super cool bottle holder.  It went together fairly easily, except the binding, and my husband is already using it.  I will probably make it again.





And ... "Six Pack" by Black Flag has been stuck in my head while thinking about this project all morning.




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