Summer of No Pants 2014 - Post #3

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Yesterday I dug out some scraps of fabric and made a skirt.  I didn't have too high of hopes.  I really just wanted to keep moving on my Summer of No Pants list.  I found some fabric that was gifted to me, and I pulled out my hemp/cotton/recycled poly muslin that I've been keeping around, and I drew out a pattern.  I knew that the muslin was VERY see through, so in my head I envisioned a skirt with the gifted fabric sort of laying on top of the muslin to cover my rear end.  After pulling out the fabric, I realized I did not have enough muslin to make a whole skirt.  I just cut the top part out of the gifted fabric and the bottom out of the muslin and sewed it up in about an hour and a half.  I wore it yesterday, and it was awesome.  It is very flowy and comfortable.  It is also about as eco friendly as I can get.

I made a shirt out of the same fabric last year.  I didn't make this shirt for me though...

After looking at the photos of me in the skirt, I decided I really need to work on making some tops.  I am wearing t-shirts every day.  I also need a haircut.

Oh, I also opened and etsy store a couple of days ago.  Check it out here.


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