Robin's Hood

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The past few weeks have been full of searching and sewing.  First, I had to find the right fabric so that I could make Robin's Hood.  I touched so many fabrics hoping to know by feel alone.  I touched one at Colorado Fabrics that was sueded.  It was cheap.  I took it to the cut counter and asked the woman what it was.  Polyester.  Along with that, I bought a medioum weight knit in the hopes of making another Robin's Hood.


Later, I found out that the one Jonas Armstrong wears in the show was made out of leather.  I don't think I could wear leather, so this worked just fine.  I cut out the body of the jacket using a t-shirt pattern.  This was not the best idea.  It worked out, but there must be another way.  T-shirt patterns are made for knits.  This fabric does not stretch in anyway.  Luckily, I cut out a medium.  It's a little difficult to get on and off, but when it's on, it fits great. 

I used a costume pattern for the hood.  The pattern has 3 different hood options, so I chose one and went with it.



The hood is lined. 



I doubled up the sleeves on the bottom half and added some extra stitching.



Everything went together quite well.  A friend made a chain mail ball for me to attach to the hood tip, as it hangs kinda awkward when it's on my head.  I needed some weight.


I know that photo is kinda rough.  Hopefully you get the idea. 


Here's a photo of the front lace up detail.



This may be the end of my Robin Hood obsession.  I finished reading Song of Achilles today.  I may need to make some armour now...




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