Myosotis Dress

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Myosotis Dress by Deer and Doe


This is the first Myosotis Dress I made.  It was made using double gauze from Hart's Fabric.  The double gauze was easy to sew, and the dress is light and summery.  I made no changes to the pattern this first time through.  I cut a size 34.  The pattern was super simple.  Also, I have to say this was the first bodice I have ever made that fits.  Amazing.  There was no part of the pattern where I got tripped up or wondered what I was doing.




It fits kinda tight, and I spent a lot of time debating if I should make the next one using a 3/8" seam allowance instead of the 5/8" seam allowance in the pattern.  Putting it on over my head and shoulders is kinda tricky, but once it is on it fits great.  I also feel like it is too short.  I'm too old for short dresses.



Myosotis #2 is made from rayon twill.  It's a gorgeous fabric.  I love the way it feels.  I did not choose to make this one and use a 3/8" seam allowance, so this is the same dress as the first one when it comes to size.  The only adjustment I made was to add 2" to the skirt, oh, and I did not put pockets in this one.  I like this length much better.  This version fits very different.  It feels bigger even though I didn't do anything to it to make it bigger.  Sometimes I forget how much my fabric choice changes pattern fit.  The rayon twill was harder to sew with, and I needed fine pins and didn't have any.  I used Wonder Clips, and that was not ideal. 


I am super happy I joined Sew My Style.  So far I have awesome clothes that I never would have made without the Sew My Style encouragement.  


Up next: the May Bag of The Month  I'm pushing it this month.  There's a lot going on.


I've listened to a lot of things this past week or so.  Yesterday, it was Book of Love.




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