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I finished up some Jenny Overalls today. I cut a size 8, and I think I could size down and be fine, but I wanted to be sure I had room to wear a t-shirt underneath.  They are super comfortable.   I plan to make the trousers too.  I am going to have to size down for them.



Generally speaking, I have trouble with waistbands.  All types - all the time.  Ugh.  This waistband worked out great (the zippers are kinda wonky though).  I made the 2 zipper version because I think it looks cool, and I was too lazy to do a test fit.



I'm thinking I need to embellish it a little.  The fabric is beautiful up close but the pattern gets lost when the view is from just a little ways away.  It is Nara Homespun and it has an amazing feel and drape.  It's probably a little see through, but I'm old, who cares!?


I succeeded in finishing a bag in the last couple weeks.  My first from the Carried Away Pattern Collective.  I made Carter from Swoon.  It's super great.  Not just a little great SUPER GREAT.



I used all remnants and scraps.  WooHoo!


Using my stash is not working out so great this year.  As I try not to waste Spring Break, I will be working on a few projects with my stash, but I also have my eye on some great stuff at Colorado Fabrics.  


Most of the time when I was making Jenny, I was listening to Madness and The Pet Shop Boys.  I also binged on some episodes of Lucifer.





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