Bag of The Month Club

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The Bag of The Month Club is open.  There are 6 designers participating.  A new pattern will be realeased each month starting in January.  I will be signing up to participate.  Here's the link: .


Tonight I sat down at my sewing table excited to get about an hour to sew.  My coat was calling to me all day.  Just after I got seated, I realized that I had not interfaced the pieces I was preparing to sew.  I'm not real excited to cut anything today.  My back is still hurting, and being on the floor or even leaning over the table sounds, well, not fun.  Tomorrow.  I'll get back to it tomorrow.  


On Saturdays I have been turning on the music station that comes through the satellite.  That computer picking the music really knows how to get me.  I have heard Book of Love a few times in the past weeks.  So here's today's song - "Boy"



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