Ann Normandy Pant AGAIN

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I have constructed the Ann Normandy Pant pattern twice.  Well, three times now, BUT the first time, the pants were beautiful but super big (I made size small).  The second time, I made size extra small and they were TOO small!  Also, beautiful.  I knew I needed to make some changes, and I bought some organic cotton/hemp denim months ago.  As usual, I was worried about how to fix them so they would be the right size.  I decided to cut the XS again, and take the seam allowance down to 1/2".  I also shortened the waist by 1.5" because they are a little too high waisted for me.  I knew that shrinking the SA would present a problem, as I wouldn't be able flat fell the seams properly, and I knew the godets wouldn't lay flat (I did not flat fell any seam.  They are all pressed open and topstitched).  I needed to change something though, so I went ahead with my plan.  


At first, things went smoothly.  I skipped the pocket because I don't use it on the other pair I put it in, so no big deal there.  The godets are wonky like I thought but not noticeable at all, so I'm ok with that.  I did decide that I could make little mushroom embroidery patches to put at the top of the godet to hide the weirdness, but I don't think I need to.


I was concerned the zipper wouldn't go in right, but I had no problems there.  Look how great it is!



I put the safety pin in so my zipper pull couldn't come off, and promptly cut the zipper correctly.  I continued sewing up my awesome pants.  AND THEN, I got to the point where I could try them on.  I was so excited because I was afraid none of my alteration would work out correctly, and I was expecting them not to fit at all.  I went to try them on and guess what I did?  Yep.  I pulled that stupid zipper pull right off (and the pants fit perfectly).


I cried a little.  Watched a Youtube video.  Complained at the woman in the video who had NO TROUBLE getting her zipper pull on.  



And then, I got it to work.  Such relief!



After that miserable failure.  I actually matched the crotch seam.  I was only half heartedly trying because, well, who actually cares?



I cared a whole lot at that point.  I needed something good after that stupid zipper mistake.


I embroidered on the front legs this time.  Three mushrooms on the right leg and danedelions on the left leg.  None of the photos show it very well.



They hit my waist perfectly.  They are super comfy.  



I think next time, I'll try a 5/8" seam allowance.  I already dipped the front waist (rise) down another 1/4" or so on the pattern.  I think that will make the front look better next time.  We'll see.



The top is Gretta by Seamwork.  I'm trying to make that one work for me too.  I'll have to write about it later...when I am successful.  Or call the whole thing off!


I listened to all sorts of stuff the past few days.  Oddly, all British.  It started with The English Beat because Ranking Roger died, and somehow I ended up listening to alot of Frank Turner.




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