Ann Normandy Pant

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Ann Normandy Pant


I cut a size small.  I made no alterations while sewing.  The black fabric is 100% hemp linen from Hemp Traders and the godets are canvas from Cotton and Steel.  The linen is from my stash, and the canvas was scraps from a pair of pants I made last year.  I intended for these to be a wearable muslin.


The pattern was easy enough to put together and cut out.  There are very few pieces.


The instructions were super easy to understand.  I was challeneged with learning flat felled seams, but there were plenty of photos.  I wish, however that the instructions would have had a contrasting thread.  Also, my thread was so black that I couldn't see it.  So... that wasn't the best choice.


The only time I got stumped was with the flat felled inseams.  OK, I wasn't stumped; I was just scared.  I didn't think I'd get the whole leg in the sewing machine to do a proper flat felled inseam.  I could have used a small pep talk in the instructions at that point.  The first one I did in two parts.  The second one, I just went all the way, and it worked out fine.



It took me all week to make them.  I'm guessing about 7 hours of sewing time.  BUT, I often sew and talk to children, get distracted, wander around, etc.  I bet if I was focused; it would have been a little shorter.


They were well worth my time.  I love them.  LOVE them!



I cut size small, and they are SUPER big on me.  I actually have the waistband folded over and clipped in the photo above.  Also, I took three inches off the bottom to hem it.  I will cut XS next time.  I also plan to use a hemp/cotton denim for the next pair.



Inside view of the pocket:


Overall, I found this to be an easy to follow pattern.  I learned how to make flat felled seams.  It took a bit of time to make, but the end product is quite beautiful.


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