The 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

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I am joining The 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge started by Cheryl from  The goal is to write a post each day in December.  Maybe I can make up for my lack of posts over the past few months.


Today is catch-up day.  Here's what's going on with all the stuff I started a post about but didn't follow up or the stuff I never posted about to begin with:


The Gates Quilt - This one is still sitting in my sewing space - abandoned - seems appropriate.  This one will be finished next year.  


My Spoon Flower Challenge - Project #2 is planned and measured.  I shoud be able to sew it in an afternoon BEFORE the end of this year.  Project #3 is in the works, but I need some other fabric to get it done.


G's (The Jukepop Story) - Chapter 7 is going up soon.  It's with the editor right now!


The Digger Quilt - Digger has gotten back together to play a few shows (all on the East Coast so I haven't gotten to see them).  They posted a full set on Youtube:

Chain Reaction Records is stocked with great music and Haraz Handmade stuff.  I was able to get over there once in October and once in November.  I really hope I can get there once in December too.  They got some great stuff in before Record Store day,
Currently, I am working on the Pepernoot Hooded Coat from Waffle Patterns.  All I have gotten to do so far is put the zippers in the pockets and pin the pockets to the front pieces.  I wanted to finish this weekend, but I hurt my back, and I've done a bunch o' nuthin' instead.
Holiday gifts are also in the works.  I'm getting ready to begin the Gentleman's Wallet from Mrs. H.  It will be constructed using awesome fabric from Spoonflower (so long as I actually ordered enough).  Also on my list are some Swoon bags for friends - more on that later.  Those deserve their own post.
Well, I'm excited and nervous.  Let's see what I can do in these 31 days!



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