June 2014

Summer Quilt #2 Complete!

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Summer of No Pants 2014 - Post #1

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My friends gift fabric to me now and again.  It's wonderful.  I have gotten sheets, tables linens, curtains, and new fabric.  A friend of mine gave me some knit fabric, already cut out, that she bought a long time ago.  She never got around to making the pattern, so she decided to give it to me.  I am not one to wear knit on the bottom half of my body, but I really wanted to make a skirt out of what she gave me.  Here is my new old skirt.

The "Broken Pieces" Quilt is Complete

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                At the beginning of this project, I don’t think I actually believed that I would ever finish.  I think that was fairly evident when I realized I was done with the quilt top, but I hadn’t purchased any backing fabric.

Almost ready to quilt

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Last week while waiting for my backing fabric to arrive, I pulled out the last shirts I bought at the thrift store.  At least a month had passed since I bought them, and I only remembered what one of them looked like.

"Broken Pieces" quilt top is complete!

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The top of the “Broken Pieces” quilt is complete.  I hung it up on the wall where the paper version used to be to take the photo.  It’s pretty cool.  When I was just about finished, I realized I didn’t have any backing fabric.  Crud!  I ordered some at the end of last week and put the quilt top aside.  I hope to begin quilting it by the end of this week.

Nearing the end of the quilt top

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I am nearing the end of sewing the quilt top for the “Broken Pieces” quilt.  The picture shows the paper still on  my wall.  Each time I sew, I begin by pulling down the paper squares I will be working on for the day.  What's left on the wall is what's left to sew.

Sewing With Music in Mind - The Beginning of the "Broken Pieces" Quilt


This is my “Broken Pieces” quilt.  It is the first quilt I designed.  The paper pieces are hanging on the wall of my bedroom.  If I did it correctly, the paper version is the size of the finished fabric version.  I find myself excited and scared to start sewing.  Yesterday, I cut out all of the fabric squares.  They are now stacked in my living room waiting for me to begin.  One difference between paper quilt and fabric quilt is the color.  It’s not going to be black and white.