August 2020

Lulu Cardigan

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August Sew My Style !

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I chose to make the Lulu Cardigan.  


Lulu was crazy easy.  I really enjoyed making her.  I chose to use scraps from a pattern test I did awhile ago.  The main fabric is a polyester, fuzzy, soft sweater knit.  The cuffs and collar are a really weird, sort of ribbed knit.  I had zero issues with the printing or with the instructions.



Upcycled Kingston Jackets

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Last month, I decided to scrap my sewing plans and go for what my children wanted.  My youngest asked for a jacket she could put patches on.  We found the Kingston Jacket by Rebecca Page Patterns.  The girls wanted the add-on, so they could have fleece sleeves and a hood.  Next up, they went through ONE of the MANY boxes of old jeans I have saved and never used.  Ugh.  The girls picked and embroidery design for the back panel, and I got started.