Pepernoot Hooded Coat Complete!



I spent a lot of time the past two nights finishing my coat.  The exterior is corduroy and as I was working the dye was staining my fingers.  What!?  So, today it's been washed and soaked and extra rinsed like crazy.  Hopefully it will be leaky no more when I take it out of the dryer.




I cheated a little near the end.  I started to slip stitch the lining to the exterior, but I was having trouble with my patience, and I quit.  I ended up attaching it using my machine, and this morning when I put it on, I noticed that it is not lying flat.  I may need to take that whole seam out or ?  I don't know.  The lining fabric is polyester, and I could not iron it.  That made things difficult.  If I make this one again, I will do things differently when I select fabric.



I love the hood.  I especially love the detail on the bodice and the back.  This fabric does not show that detail very well.



It fits nicely so long as I am not wearing anything bulky underneath.  It would be perfect over a dress.  I made a few mistakes along the way, but I don't think that anyone else is going to be able to tell.  Except for that pesky hem.



I colored in my square on the Patterns BINGO Card for Waffle, and I figured out that this is going to be difficult.  I already want to buy another Waffle Pattern.  BUT, since I am sticking to my BINGO Game, I am not going to buy a pattern until I get 5 in a row.  Hopefully I will have another square colored in tomorrow.  Also, I am hoping to not purchase fabric except as a reward for BINGO.  So far, I did buy 1 remnant - Less than a yard of Star Wars fabric.  




Exceptional by 7seconds:  "and I'll get up tomorrow and fight the apathy."



Lovely finish and Love that colour combo!! Thanks for sharing nice photos, I love to see my patterns turn to nice garments! yuki

Thanks for the compliments AND the awesome pattern!

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