One GIANT UFO done!

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Here is the finished UFO.  I started this quilt over 2 years ago for one of my children.  I don't know why exactly I didn't finish it for so long.  It got to be just a thing I hadn't finished.  Luckily, one of the sewing groups on FB that I joined was having a sew-a-long for whatever project we wanted to make/finish.  I decided this was it.  It worked.  The sew-a-long was over on the 13th and I finished the night of the 13th.


Today I finished cutting and fusing the February Bag of The Month by Mrs. H.  I am so locked into reading right now though, I hardly want to put my books down in order to sew.  I need to find balance there.



I don't think I am playing BINGO quite right.  I feel like I am never going to get a BINGO.  I keep making what I want, then looking at the card, so I am not looking for the BINGO.  I'll never get anywhere playing this way.  Also, I caved and bought fabric.  I went to the Treelotta pop-up shop and bought fabric for my February bag AND some rayon AND a jelly roll.  So much for not buying until I got a BINGO.  I am also noticing that I have not dug into the other BINGO boards at all.  Not sure why it's playing out this way.  


Where are you in your BINGO game?



Here's some War Generation:




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