The Honey Blouse

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A few months ago I went to a Treelotta Pop-Up and bought this pretty rayon fabric.  I decided, as I purchased it, that it would be a blouse.  I really don't make blouses.  At that point, the hunt was on to find a pattern...


The INDIESEW website is pretty rad.  I searched the site by using the word rayon and found a blouse I liked, yay!  I didn't buy it; life is busy.  I put it in the back of my mind and did other things.


Have I mentioned my obsession with all things Patricia Briggs and most especially the Mercy Thompson series?  Oh, no?  Well, I discovered Mercy Thompson in December and burned through the series quickly.  I had to wait periodically for books to come in the mail (which was BRUTAL), but I finished the series a couple of weeks ago, read Shifting Shadows, moved on to the Alpha and Omega series (have since finished all of those), then read Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood.  Yup.  


I went back to INDIESEW to daydream about the Rayon blouse pattern (by Make It Perfect) and noticed that the pattern was called the Honey Blouse!  Seriously.  Honey is a character in the Mercy Thompson series.  I fell in love with her (even though I wasn't sure I liked her yet) the first time she Changed into her wolf form.  It really is a beautiful moment.  I won't spoil it though if you haven't read it.  When you get to that moment, let me know and tell me what you think.


The Honey in my head probably wouldn't wear my Honey Blouse, too dark and it doesn't show enough skin.  Everytime I wear it, however, I will think of her.  She is a pretty ridiculously awesome character.



This is the end of Selfish Sewing Week, and this blouse is all I have to show for it.  



While I was day dreaming about Honey and The Honey Blouse, my attention drifted to Ben.  He is one of my favorite characters in the Mercy Thompson series.  I first fall for him at the end of Blood Bound , and I go crazy when he goes through the front window in Iron Kissed and finally I am over the moon at the scene on the bed...


I think Ben needs a quilt.  I know what you're thinking: #1 What about the Gates Quilt!?  It's still sitting unfinished in the same spot in my sewing room :(  #2 Isn't there a Drag The River Quilt in the works?  Sigh, yes.  It's sketched and has been since December.  I'll get to them and the Jon Bunch Quilt too, but Ben needs a quilt also.  Don't you dare bring up that he is fictious!  


I am not sure what kind of quilt he needs though.  It's going to be tough.  I might need to re-read some books :)


What's up next you ask?  A Hurog Skirt!  Yep.  Got the fabric and the pattern ready to go!  Yay!


BINGO is not going so great.  I keep jumping around, so I am never going to get a BINGO.  Also, I bought fabric.  Lots.  Sigh.

Here's the BINGO board I used for the Honey Blouse.



Music today?  Nah.  


Sweet shirt! Werewolves?!?

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