BINGO 2016! Join me!


Sewing BINGO rules – Sarah’s Way

The Game - There are 6 BINGO cards.  I intend on working on them beginning with my first project of 2016.  I am choosing (at this moment) to not overlap the projects.  So, even if I am using scraps and making a garment from a Peek-a-Boo Pattern, I am only going to block off a box on one of the cards – EITHER the Pattern Card or the Stash Card but not both.  I hope to only make things that appear on the cards for all of 2016.


The card itself – I am going to make the middle square an open square to do what I want.  I will not be using it as a “free” square.  As long as what I am doing is in the spirit of the card, then I get to block off that square. 


The rewards – I will reward myself once I get 5 in a row.  What if I get a blackout?  Ummmm…I don’t know.  I’ll make that up when/if I accomplish that.


Woven Card – Buy woven fabric (but NOT as much as you used up!)

Knit Card – Buy a month of Knitfix from Girl Charlee

Sewing Card – Take a class on a new technique or project

Patterns Card – Buy Patterns!

Clothing Card – Take a class or even a Craftsy class making something WAY out of my league

Stash Card – Buy a scrap pack or fat quarter pack from Fabricworm


The Point – I look around at all my fabric often.  I think about how beautiful it is, and how I love to be surrounded by it all.  Sometimes, I get sad.  It is a constant reminder of how fortunate I am.  I am so fortunate in fact, that I can just look at my fabric.  I do not feel pressure to use it.  I have clothing, and I have blankets; my children have all that they need.  I am fortunate.  I take it all for granted.  I want to be more aware; I want to use what I have and be thankful.  No waste.  I believe I am thankful most of the time for what I have, but I do not do a good job with not wasting.  I have fabric in my basement from probably 30 years ago.  That’s a waste.  I continue to buy more, why?  Mostly, I buy more because it feels good.  It feels good to be surrounded by pretty fabric.  I am not looking to give that up, just change how I do things.  I want my fabric stash to be less, first by me using it, and if that’s not enough, I will need to give some away.  At the end of 2016, I expect to see a difference in the fabric in my house.  Specifically, I expect to have less fabric and more useful things that I have made.


I have been following these two websites via Facebook for the past year or so.  I think they are quite inspirational.  I will continue to follow them through this year.  Do you have any good websites worth following that have to do with reducing, recycling, reusing especially about fabric and fashion?  Please share.


Care to join me?  I am embedding the six cards in this blog post.  I have Word files I can send you if you like.  Send me an email and let me know.  You are welcome to change the cards to suit your needs/wants.  The main things are to use what you have and learn something along the way. 


Make your own rules and rewards if you want.  Be awesome.  Have fun.  Use what you got.  Appreciate your things, your time, your talents.


Woven Card


Sewing Card

Patterns Card (notice the BOTM designers are all on this one!)

Stash Card

Knit Card

Clothing Card



Looking forward - I'll post some photos of the cards I am working on.  Maybe I need a playlist for each card?  Also, I am hoping to make this photobingo where I fill up my cards with pictures of the projects that fit the square!?  What?  How does that work?  I sure don't know yet!  Ha.


Drop me a note or join me in the comments. 


What a great idea! I'm a member of a Sew Your Stash group and plan to share your bingo cards. What a fun way to sew through our stashes :)

Thanks for sharing.

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