August 2014

Snack Bags and Failure

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I finally sat down at my sewing machine today.  I made up these snack bags, since we don't have enough.  I actually made a lot more than are here.  I had not sewn anything in 3ish weeks until today.  It has been awful.  I am ready to jump back in.  Gates is calling to me.

"Under The Sun" Done

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I finally finished the "Under The Sun" quilt.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but the quilting came out really nice.  

It was really hard to photograph.  I need to start taking my quilts outside I think.

April's Assignment

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               This is the first installment of Free Fiction Friday.  These stories will be connected.  This one is sort of out of order if there is any kind of order.  In the coming weeks, I will continue to post, and the frame will become clearer.  Until then, enjoy this one. 


"Under The Sun" preparing to quilt

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