"Under The Sun" Done

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I finally finished the "Under The Sun" quilt.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but the quilting came out really nice.  

It was really hard to photograph.  I need to start taking my quilts outside I think.


The houses came out awesome.  It took me forever to get the right color, but I did it and it really looks nice.

              I still have not watched Lost Angels again.  I also have not made any headway on my Gates quilt.  I have also failed to make 4 quilts over the summer.  Yes, I know that summer is not over until sometime in September, but my summer ended 2 weeks ago.  I hope to continue with the Gates quilt this September, but I will also be working on a shirt for a friend of mine.  Summer quilt #5 is going to have to wait awhile.  I am also assuming I will fail at Free Fiction Friday this week.  I'm gettin' my butt kicked right now.  Look for another story on the 29th.  

              I listened to Agent Orange Living In Darkness the other day.  It was a great choice!  I found this clip on You Tube.  It's kinda long.  Well, kinda long for my crappy attention span.



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