Waffle Pants!

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Today, I finished my Sweet Potato Azuki Pants! They took forever...

I went all out.  I put in the zipper pocket, the flap pocket, the tool pocket, and the holster pocket.  It was alot.  I did make a muslin first.  I decided to make a size 40.  They are a bit too big, so next up I will be making a belt.  They are loose enough to be comfortable all the way around.  I used denim for the main fabric and a light canvas for the accents.  I wish I would have done some more embroidery work on them.


Here's a photo of what they look like with out the holster attached.  I did have to get creative with getting the snaps on.  I had a lot of bulk that needed to be cut away.


I shortened the first mark on the pattern, so that my knee darts would be in the right place.  I wasn't quite right, though.  I think next time I need to take of another 1/2" or so.



I chose to do the layered back pockets.  I really like them.  

I stumbled a couple of times in the pattern.  Nothing I couldn't work through.  I WILL make these again.  I doubt I'll make the holster pocket again.  It's super cool, but I don't know how much I'll actually use it.


Before I embarked on the Azuki, I made a muslin of Walnoot.  I chose a pink lightweight denim.  I figured they'd be ugly, but honestly, they're awesome.  I put some crazy piping down the side seams and used a crazy flower fabric for the pockets.  I made Walnoot size 38, but Azuki size 38 felt too tight, so that's why I made them two different sizes.  I think I could have made Azuki a size 38, but I didn't like how tight it was in the hips.  Anyway...WALNOOT!



I struggled a bit with the placement of the buttons and buttonholes.  I really needed to interface the pockets to make all that easier, but I really didn't think I was making a pair of pants I was going to keep.  Lesson learned.  The cut of Walnoot is pretty great.  I like the wide leg very much.


Up next I'll be working on the TRUTH block for the Tattoo Quilt.  My plan is to make 2 of them.  I'm afraid to just jump right in with the block of the month fabric, so I bought some darker fabric to make some of the blocks out of.  I don't think I'll be making the entire quilt twice.


Book Talk.

I am continuing to listen to Stamped From the Beginning

I am hoping to start Empire of Gold this coming week.  Currently I am reading Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits.  I am enjoying it much more that I expected to.


The July Playlist is up.  Find it here.


Today I'll leave you with a podcast.  Here's the trailer for Stay Free The Story of The Clash



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