Vogue Pattern 1050

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Last night I cut out Vogue Pattern 1050.  I purchased this pattern years ago.  Fear has kept me from making it.  The last time I made a garment from a Vogue Pattern, I was probably in high school.  They were always so difficult for me to understand.  This time, I am making notes, and it will hopefully be a smooth process.



This time, I am making the shorter version.  I have plans to make the other version after this one.  I want to check fit more than anything and also make sure I understand the pattern before making the one I really want.  The fabric I chose is vintage fabric.  I know, I know, on my test I should be using something I don't like, but I really think this vintage stuff is the right choice!



I am not sure what type of fabric it is.  It feels like the 70's as much as it looks like the 70's, so I am assuming it is some type of polyester.  




I wanted to listen to music last night while I cut.  I didn't.  Not sure what's going on with that.  I intended to listen to Chumped.  Maybe tonight.



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