Summer Quilt #2 Complete!

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The 7 Seconds quilt is complete.  I struggled again without having a walking foot.  Although without any corners to worry about, the binding was fairly simple (not easy).  The back also has the eggplant colored center, but it does not have another logo.  The circle is 60" around, so it is lap quilt size.  I am pretty happy with it.  I find myself wanting to go and sew a secret message into it.  Anybody have a 7 Seconds album that has a secret message scratched in the vinyl?  If you do, let me know what it says...

Here are some photos from earlier in the sewing process:



So what next?  

I started sewing a dress this afternoon.  I will do that until I can get my head and my fabric in order for Summer Quilt #3.  When it comes time for Summer Quilt #4, I am going to try to only use fabric I have around the house.  Here's another look from today:


In case you have not picked up the new album Leave  A Light On here is the title track:

If you're wanting to hear some old 7 Seconds, here is "Not Just Boys' Fun":




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