Summer of No Pants 2014 - Post #1

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My friends gift fabric to me now and again.  It's wonderful.  I have gotten sheets, tables linens, curtains, and new fabric.  A friend of mine gave me some knit fabric, already cut out, that she bought a long time ago.  She never got around to making the pattern, so she decided to give it to me.  I am not one to wear knit on the bottom half of my body, but I really wanted to make a skirt out of what she gave me.  Here is my new old skirt.

   I had my 5 year old take some photos.  I think the skirt probably looks better in person.  

I will be working my way through some of the other gifted fabric during the Summer of No Pants.  I've got BIG plans for those curtains...

  I also have a Kay Whitt pattern already cut out.  I am slacking a little because I am working on quilts this summer too.  I hope to have 1 dress and 3 skirts done by the end of July.  Happy Summer of No Pants 2014!  


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