September/October Updates Plus Some Organization Ideas

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When it starts to get dark early, I do much less sewing.  This is bad every year, and every year I say I'm going to force myself through this weirdness.  It never works.  Most week nights I'm too tired to sew.  I blame the darkness, but I think it's more about back to school than the dark. 


I accomplished quite a few things this month, but it doesn't feel that way.  


My main goal for September was Prudence by Collette.  Each month I have a main goal of making a pattern that has been in my stash awhile, but I haven't made it.  Prudence has been in my stash for a few years.  I made her out of rayon that I bought at Treelotta.


Everything was going fine until the invisible zipper.  I finished the dress, but I was super frustrated, and it remains hemless.  



I persevered to get her mostly done which is good, and I can't say I feel guilty about her sitting on the ironing board, but I feel something.  I will add her to October's list to get finished.


There was an episode of Stich Please in May where Zina Henry explained how she uses an app called Trello to organize her patterns.  I immediatly downloaded the app, and I tried to figure out how to make it work for me.  I really WANT to use it like Zina Henry does, but I've started using it a bit differently, and it's AWESOME. 

I have a Trello Board for Sewing.  Then I have a column for Projects Planned, Projects Working, and the last column is the Completed In (month).  I've been using it this way since August.  As the status for the card changes, for instance, it goes from Planned to Working, I just pick the card up and move it to the new column.  It is very easy to use.  I also, generally, read the emails that they send me with tips.  They have a lot of strategies that are really useful.  I use Trello on my phone and ALSO on my computer.  That is another nice thing about it - accessibilty.




I can add a checklist to each card, notes, photographs, labels, etc.  I am really happy with it, but I continue to use my chalkboard as well.


Clearly, I didn't get everything done.


I think Marigold by Blank Slate Patterns was my win for September.  I bought the fabric from Spoonflower.  This is the first time I used their Poplin.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about the actual fabric.  The design is amazing, but the poplin is a little like paper.  I'm hoping it will soften up when I wash it again.


I cut the pieces out and decided I cut them upside down.  I had extra fabric, so I cut the dress out again the opposite direction.  I had to cut up some of the pieces from the first attempt, to cut a complete second dress.  Then, I decided it REALLY was upside down, but if I didn't know which was which, it was probably ok no matter how I cut it out.  Ugh.



Marigold was the September Sew My Style pattern, and I imagine I will make Marigold again.  She was fairly simple, and I think she looks ok.  I did want to do the sleeve hack, but I didn't read the instructions early enough to get it done.  Next time.


I didn't get the Tattoo Quilt Block of the Month done, so I have 2 to complete in October.  I did make the Sarah Watts Halloween Calendar, though.



October's Playlist was tricky.  I didn't want to just repeat a bunch of songs from last year.  I haven't listened to it yet.  Hopefully it's good, and I will listen to the October 2019 Sewing Playlist this month too.


I know you are expecting "Dear Prudence" here at the bottom of the page, but nope.  Here's Frank Turner singing "Be More Kind".



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