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My greeting cards are now availble in Chain Reaction Records .  Talk about exciting!



Here are some photos of the cards I dropped off last weekend.



I have also been working in Phil's shirt but not much.  My hope was to have it done by October 1.  My excuses are: I've been sick, work has kicked my butt, and I drive all over the place everyday (much more than last year).




I got the sleeves mostly done, the shoulder seams done, and the pocket done.  Not much, but better than nothing.  I love the running demons on this fabric, so I intentionally put them on the pocket.  Everytime I look at them I think of Reason To Believe.  Here's a link to Jon Bunch's new band War Generation.  


Here's a Youtube link to When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance:

I noticed the 7" The Next Door in Chain Reaction Records the other day.  I can't seem to find that stuff for sale online.  Good thing I already own all of it!  Check it out if you have never heard Reason To Believe.  Also, click here for an article about Chain Reaction Records.  Here too.



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