Poly Crepe De Chine Project

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Here is project #1.  I used the Poly Crepe De Chine.  The print is "Balance" by scrummy.  The Poly Crepe De Chine is so very beautiful.  It is soft and thin.  When it first arrived, I fell in love, but I had (still have) no idea what to do with it in the real world.  I would love a skirt or a shirt, but the fabric is so very thin anything I make will need to be lined, but then I lose the feel of it on my skin!  What to do?  My next thought was of a nightgown.  I do wonder if it is durable enough to sleep in night after night.  I will probably take the chance next spring because it is such a lovely fabric.



An 8" x 8" square is not much to work with, and I knew whatever I made had to be pretty, so here goes.  I zig-zagged the outer edge as the fabric did frey when I pulled on it.  This was not easy.  The fabric is very thin.  Then, I took a bit of 1/2" elastic, measured my daughter's head, cut it, and sewed the two ends together.  Then I folded over a bit of the square and really just made the casing for the elastic as I went.  I was quite worried my daughter would not like it as it is green, but I was wrong.  She was oh so excited when I put it on her.




No music today.  I have been addicted to Reign via Netflix.  Seriously.

Here's a super silly youtube clip that makes me laugh with two of the guys from the show on it.



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