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I think I have selective hearing much more often than I'd like to admit.  This new quilt, which should have been Summer Quilt #4, is based on the song "Dragging My Feet" by Digger.  

For a long time the only lyrics I heard were:
             "Waking up with my laces tied together
               I promise it will get better"
Those are the lyrics that prompted the quilt.  Ok, That's not the whole truth.  The other line that got me was: "I can't drink this one away."  Originally the quilt in my head had beer mugs in the 4 corners.  That part is gone from the quilt now (good thing).  
So often I feel like I wake up already a step behind.  When I was younger, I assumed that adults pretty much had their shit together.  As an adult, I know that's not true.  I suppose I'm still waiting for when I will feel like my laces aren't tied together.
I've listened to "Dragging My Feet" alot these past few months, and I've started to latch on to another line.  "And what seems like wasted time may wind up being the best days of my life."
I guess I feel like this song spans decades of my life.  The wasting time, the drinking, the day dreaming, and the frustration of my laces being tied together...
There is a relationship in this song too, but that's where my selective hearing comes in because it really doesn't strike me, and I LOVE punk rock love songs.
Thank goodness for turning the clocks back last night.  I feel like I kicked butt this morning cutting and taping.    Although, I've already switched the feet around a ton.
My plan is to start this one with a big piece of cotton.  I am going to sew an old bed sheet on top of that and quilt it so that it looks like a rumpled sheet, then I need to figure out how to cut up a pair of jeans.  I will sew the jeans onto the bedsheet.  I feel nervous about that part.  After I figure all of that out, I need to sew on the bottom of a t-shirt at the top of the jeans.
Yes, you should be thinking: "What the hell are you thinking Sarah?!"  I don't know exactly.  I'm just trying to get the picture that's made up of feelings out of my head and onto the quilt.  Before this is all over, I may need to learn how to embroider as well.  I am not too sure about that yet.  I will save those ideas for the end of the quilt top.
Here's another one of  my favorite love songs:






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