Nearing the end of the quilt top

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I am nearing the end of sewing the quilt top for the “Broken Pieces” quilt.  The picture shows the paper still on  my wall.  Each time I sew, I begin by pulling down the paper squares I will be working on for the day.  What's left on the wall is what's left to sew.

Some of this quilt was sewn in silence which is really weird, and I didn't really do that on purpose. However, when I began sewing, I knew I couldn’t listen to the “Broken Pieces” song while I sewed.  It felt too much like listening to the band you were about to go see on the ride to the show.  During the ride home from the show, we always listened to the band we just saw (and drank Big Gulps).

                That teenage punk rock logic was in my head at the beginning of the sewing.  It’s held up.  Yesterday, I hit repeat on the Damn Mondays EP “Losing Years” while I sewed.  They are ridiculously amazing.  I often click on the videos that Dying Scene posts on Facebook, but I rarely find something that grabs me.  They posted about the Damn Mondays awhile ago, and I am totally hooked.  When I’m done with this quilt, I think I’ll hit repeat on “Broken Pieces,” but until then, not in my sewing room.

                I appliquéd the pieces on the quilt.  This is really the first time I have tried the process this way.  It’s been cumbersome, probably because it’s new to me.  I do think it looks right though.  As the quilt top sewing comes to an end I am looking forward to machine quilting the whole thing.  I am a little apprehensive about it too, as I have not machine quilted anything this big before. 

                If you’re interested here’s a link to the Damn Mondays bandcamp page: and here's a video: 




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