Making the Ingvild Coat

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Ingvild by Melilot Patterns has been on my list for quite awhile.  I bought the wool at Colorado Fabrics weeks before we learned they were shutting down.  Yes, I should have put a dress on for the photos, but I didn't.



All of the Melilot Patterns that I have made have been very simple to construct.  This one was no different.  Although, this was ALOT of fabric, so I used quite a bit of strength at certain points to get it all under the machine.  My guess is that the coat weighs 5-8 lbs.  It's crazy heavy.  



I did get stuck when it was time to join the sleeves.  There are pictures in the pattern, but I could not replicate what was happening.  I did succeed, but I suggest having a fresh brain before starting this step.  Sheesh.  Then once I figured it out, I had one sleeve all twisted up.  SO, yeah, fresh brain not tired, stressed brain.


Here's what it should look like when done properly.


Ingvild is a reversible coat.  The lining in mine is also wool (of some sort) and cream colored.  I have not put the buttons on the cream side yet.



Both sides have their own pockets.  I chose to put red pockets on the darker side and brown pockets in the cream side.  They really don't show; they just peek out a little bit.




It was windy today.



Final thoughts?  Ingvlid was easy to put together.  With 2 layers of wool, it will be crazy warm, but also quite heavy.  I love the way it looks and the way it closes in the front.  I'm excited to get dressed up and wear it ... somewhere.



What am I reading you ask?  Right now I am reading Blackbird Broken by Keri Arthur.  I really enjoy her storytelling and her take on witches.  Currently, I'm thinking this might be what I use as inspiration for the February Bag of The Month.  This month is the Hope Handbag, and it sure looks like a bird could carry it in their beak if they had to!


The February Playlist is up and running as well.  Find it here


What do your think?  Fishbone today?  Sometimes I forget how ridiculously amazing they were.  I suppose they are around today, right?  I see Angelo every one in awhile, but do they play as a band now?




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