I Learned a Few Things

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Here is the photo of my completed dress for Dress Like Your Grandma 2017.  I think I like the muslin better, but it does not have a hem yet.


I have been working on some big projects so this hem has to wait.  One of the projects I was working on was to make small appreciation gifts for one of the refugee resettlement agencies in town.  I made 75 gifts - baskets, earbud holders, and phone pillows.  They are giving them to employees and interns.  It was fun, and I am glad I could help in such a way.


I have learned that I really need to continue the BINGO game.  I'm not sure I even have a photo of everything that I have made this year.  BINGO really helped me stay focused AND remember all of the things I made over the year.  This year is a mess, and I haven't even started doing what I said I would do.  In fact, I have bought a bunch of fabric and patterns.  I think I'll print some new BINGO boards and start when school is out.


By the way, have you seen the new Heather Givans Fabric collection Literary?  It's awesome.  Yes, I bought some, but I am not going to sew it up until August because I plan on making a new outfit for the next school year.


Anyone got any ideas about using the fabric in your stash and not buying any more?




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