Hepburn Pants

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April's Pattern for Sew My Style 2019 is the Hepburn Pants from Wardrobe by Me.  The pattern calls for fabric with some stretch which I wasn't very excited about.  I don't want pants that stretch; I prefer cotton that relaxes over time.  So, off I went to Colorado Fabrics to figure out what I was going to use.  I settled on a recycled polyester bottom weight.  I justified buying polyester by reminding myself that it was recylced.  


Does anyone use a Cora Ball?  I am leaning towards getting one, but I do not know anyone I can ask about them.


I was surprised how quickly the pants came together.  I refused to try them on while I was making them because I was sure they were not going to fit.  SO of course if I just don't try them on everything will work out right!?  Well, in this case, that played out for me.  I put the waistband on; I put the pants on, and the fit is fantastic!



I actually got to leave town for a couple days, so I packed up a few items to put on and take pictures in.  It was pretty great to take pictures not in my front or back yard.  Ha!



Next up for me in Sew My Style is the Sedona Shirt.  That will be my make for May.  


This year has been mostly a BIG fail in the Not Buying Fabric Department.  I have had some small successes in using scraps, and stash.  Thankfully, I decided to join the #sewfreshsewclean13 community.  We are making one wearable item a week for the 13 weeks for spring.  This has (shockingly) kept me focused better than some other things, and there is not set anything, so I have been going through what I have in otder to make my items.  My first week's make was Aster .  It's the shirt that's in the above photographs with the Hepburn Pants.  I made it from a super see-through Swiss dot fabric.  Underneath Aster, I am wearing a very thin Savannah.  All of that fabric came from my stash.  This week I have been working on a Marta Skirt.  I did not choose very Springy fabrics, but I used only fabric that was in the house.  I also found matching buttons in the house.  I'll post those photos on Instagram on Sunday.  Next week's make?  Not sure.  I gotta get on that.


May is going to be busy.  The new Mercy Thompson novel comes out, work gets crazy in May, I have quilts to finish, the garden needs some love, and I'm behind in my reading.  Eek.


I am listening to Frank Turner right now.  Frank Turner is pretty much the only music on my iPod or in my head lately.  I am listening to the Shining, but...not music.  I think I've gone off the deep end with this Frank Turner thing.  When was the last time I was SO obssessed with a band or an artist?  I don't know.





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