Givre Shirt

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Here is my version #1 of the Givre Shirt by Deer and Doe.  I cut this as a size 36 even though I measure a 34.  It is made from scraps.  Who knows what type of material.  It feels very much like the top is plastic and the bottom is some sort of blend.  


This is version #2.  I cut it the same size.  This is a heavier weight, and I know it is cotton/lycra.  Both of these are pretty darn tight.  I normally don't wear a lot of tight clothes.




Here is version #3.  It is also made from scraps, and the fabric is really thin.  Probably it is a cotton/poly blend.  I cut it as a size 40.  It is much looser and amazing!




I have a stack of scraps waiting to be cut.  I will make these until my pile is gone.  I have tried to be intentional in buying only natural fabrics lately, but my scraps are mostly from when I was buying whatever.  We'll see how this pattern works when I get to the 100% cotton and the cotton/hemp blends I have lying around.


I may go back down to the 36 for some?  I hate to print the pattern again and go for the 38, but maybe...


It's a super easy pattern.  Mine all need top stitching.  But other than that, I think I made each one in about an hour.



Yesterday, I listened to Madonna.  Oh Spotify, what are you doing to me?


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