Dress Like Your Grandma 2!

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Here's the finished dress.  I changed things up a bit.  I left off the placket for one.  My dress is made out of shirting and chiffon.  The chiffon was a pain.  The pattern was Simplicity 6720 (vintage).  I'm glad I finished though.  Next year, I think I'll do Dress Like Your Grandpa.


Here's my failed attempt at a muslin.


If you only look at the top of the dress, it's not so bad.  I mean except for the awful attempt on my part at top stitching the collar which should never have been top stitched.


I have not sewn anything else as of late, so The Pant by Ann Normandy is next up in the queue.


I continue to be immersed in the Night Huntress Series and have just started First Drop of Crimson.


I grabbed my CD of TSOL's Change Today? album the other day.  I had forgotten what a great album it is.



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