Drag The River Quilt after the Fair

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The Fair is over and the quilt is sitting in the house ready to be delivered to Jon Snodgrass.  


At the Fair, I was excited to take a photo as taking photographs of quilts is a pain.  BUT, they didn't hang it.  It was folded over a bar.  Nobody that looked at it would have seen the whole story.  I was kinda frustrated.  We took a picture as we took it down though, so it worked out I suppose.



I stopped and talked with another artist that had a booth at the Fair.  He was curious about the competitions, so we walked over to the tabels and eventually to my quilt.  I was attempting to explain what I had done in my quilt.  I talked about how the bottle in the truck is really the person - it's you when you are drunk.  He told me he would have never guessed or known that.  I smiled and said he obviously has never had a problem with alcohol.


"Busted flat passed out in the back of a beat up pickup."


When drawing and making the quilt, the truck was always what was important.  I first toyed with the idea that I would put a stick figure in the back, but that wasn't right.  I knew it had to be a bottle of whiskey.  It looks more like a bottle of beer...buuuut..... things don't always translate from my brain to a quilt very easily.


I did get 2 ribbons for the quilt.  I got a green ribbon - the batting in the quilt is Green Dream made from recycled bottles, and the backing is a recycled hemp blend from Hemp Traders, so I'm assuming that's why I got the green ribbon.  I also got a 3rd place ribbon.  LOL.  There were only 3 quilts entered.  



The next music quilt is in my brain.  Actually, the song just came on - on my iPod.  I haven't drawn it yet.  It is fully formed in my head though - oddly 2 different versions.  We'll see what I draw.  I'm going to need a creative outlet here pretty soon.  Summer is almost over.  


I was listening to The Colorado Sound the other day, and they played Loyle Carner and holy smokes!  He's amazing.




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