Break Time!

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The craft fair worked out pretty well.  I sold quite a few Holiday Cards and a couple of record cards.  I even sold a shirt!



The best part was seeing friends.  A few people showed up to show their support.  It was wonderful.


I got some great fabric for Christmas, and I am hoping to do the - quilt by day - sew a new outfit by night - thing I did over the summer.  I have a week left in break, and it's time to use it to my advantage.  



I have these crazy plans for how to sew the Digger quilt, but I didn't put too much thought into how I would actually make it work.  A few days ago, I sewed the sheet to some regular quilt fabric.  I want the sheet to look rumpled, but that makes sewing the quilt top together crazy awkward.  Today, I spent time in tears pulling seams and measuring, measuring, squaring, measuring...


Here's where I got to:  


For some reason, I underestimated my ability to get that corner piece on properly.  When I hit the wall, I could not come up with how to do it at all.  The picture shows my success, but that is all I got done.  I added the dinosaurs because there are so MANY toys around our house, and I needed to embrace the mess.


I'll get back to it tomorrow.  The shoes still need to be cut out.  I thought about putting the jeans on today, but I laid them out and realized I needed the shoes first.  Maybe, if I'm lucky, no walls tomorrow.


For Christmas, I got a Dollyrots CD.  Yeah!




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