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Here is my un-ironed Bella Dress by Tessuti.  I really like the Tessuti patterns because they are very simple to sew.



The pattern itself is very straight forward.  I encountered no confusion or hang-ups at all.  This is a beginner friendly pattern.  When it came time for the neck binding, there is a link in the pattern to take the user to a blog post/tutorial for how to add the binding to the garment and join the ends.  It is a very clear and useful tutorial.



I made this one out of a very light weight linen.  It's beautiful fabric AND completely SEE-THROUGH, so I added an underlining.  Basically, I cut the dress out, then I cut the front and back pieces out of a lining fabric.  I sewed the outer pieces and lining pieces together.  After that, I just sewed the dress together following the pattern.  I did not underline the sleeves as I was only concerned about showing off my underwear unintentionally.



With the Bella Dress done, I wanted a quick project.  I cut 2 Seamwork Aces.  The first time I made Ace, I cut a 2, and I probably measured at a 0.  I put that one on and it was skin tight which is NOT how I like my clothes.  This time, I cut an 8 and I added 2" to the length.  



Now, I know what you are thinking...the fit is amazing!  You are correct; it is amazing, but I don't think that's the first thing that went through your head.  I imagine you are thinking...that is the most un-Sarah-like fabric EVER.  Correct again!  I would never have purchased this fabric for myself or for my children.  I mean, seriously!?  I got it in one of the Flawed Fabric Bonanza Boxes from the Fabric Fairy, and I love it.  This Ace is my new favorite shirt.  Here are some close-ups of the madness:




Who is Bobby Jack?


I made the other Ace the same way with scraps again from a flawed bonanza box.



The sleeves are a bit shorter because I ran out of fabric.  This one is fairly light weight though, so it all works out.



Ace is VERY easy.  I made both of these is about 2 hours (probably less) last night. Everything  was stitched on the serger except the stitch in the ditch part on the neck.  I did not put a true hem on the sleeves or the bottom; I just serged the edges.  Need to keep my sanity and all.


Today I'll be working on another Finlayson with no hood this time.


The new Mercy Thompson book comes out today.  Yay!


Support your local fabric shops.  The ones around here are offering curbside pick-up, and at least one of them is offering free shipping.


Also remember to support the local bands as much as you support the bigger bands.  I've been streaming Television Generation this morning.  This afternoon Frank Turner is going to play some songs live on Facebook.  Woohoo.  Help out when you can.




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